Brilliant Brainstorms


Have you participated in meetings meant to “generate ideas” and innovate … where there is lots of animated dialogue but few concrete results?

Are you a Manager or Leader with a team grappling with the “How do we get everyone on the same page…and quickly?

Or perhaps you need to know how to facilitate meaningful discussions and/or brainstorm with partners to come up with mutually beneficial agendas?

Meetings, Brainstorming, Group discussions are all meant to create a platform that bring people together to create synergy so that great ideas can flow and plans put in place to take your organisation to the next level – that is why most of our time “at the office” is spent in those activities. And yet they don’t always seem to work they you want them to, do they? So how do we make this time efficient and effective.

Here is the deal. The effectiveness of the conversation that takes place depends on the host. It’s the art of hosting and facilitating conversations that creates results.

And these techniques and tools can be learnt! Just some clear guidelines and simple steps are all you need to easily and quickly turn wasted time into RESULTS that matter.

In this hands-on, full-day session you'll learn how to:

  1. Make Basic assumptions that motivate you to take on the role of a host easily and effortlessly
  2. Open the conversation and get a collective clarity of purpose – in the first few minutes
  3. Use elements of methodologies like Open Space, World Café, Proaction Café etc. to engage and energize everyone during the conversation.
  4. Harvest the collective wisdom and arrive at decisions, agreements, results

If you want to get there faster, and with your team, you need to know how to create meaningful conversations which end with decisions.

Conversations that create connections and partnerships.

Conversations that create ideas and action.

And the best part?

You’ll walk away with the framework to design, execute and achieve your results, in any kind of conversation or meeting, hands-on experience hosting brilliant brainstorms and 10 brand new friends who will challenge you and grow you!


Meenakshi started her career with Oracle Corporation, working in Quality Management, Knowledge Management and Skill Development and then moved on to a division of Tata Power as Manager HR and Organizational Development. After 12 years in the corporate world, she quit to pursue her passion in helping people develop their potential and formed LOA Centre SG along with her partner Roshini Ganesan. For the last 3 years she has trained hundreds of participants in NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation skills and Facilitation.

Meenakshi was part of the team that ran ProAction Café in Singapore, runs meetups in Law of Attraction and loves creating spaces for deep meaningful conversations. When shes not working, her one husband two kids and many hobbies keep her busy.

Mon Dec 8, 2014
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM SGT
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